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Why do Family Doctors choose to practice in our community? Let them tell you!


Becoming a member in the FNW Division was one of the simplest decisions I have ever made. Staying a member is a no-brainer. The Division truly supports its members. I have had the pleasure of serving as a Board member for the Division for the past 4 years. This has given me an even deeper understanding of all the work done on behalf of primary care reform, all with the goal of making our professional lives as family doctors better.  I have not been a member of any other Division because I have happily had my practice in New Westminster for 34 years.

Dr. Kathy Jones


FNW is an amazing community to work in; the connection with other Family Physicians, the availability of services for my patients, and the collegiality of specialists is something I didn't find in communities I worked before. I stay in FNW because of the support and advocacy from our local Division of Family Practice, and the connection they facilitate with my colleagues makes this community feel like home.

Dr. Nick Petropolis

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I have been practicing in New Westminster since 1981, it's the only place I've ever practiced. I interviewed at a lot of different places, and New Westminster and TriCities was my comfort source. I really felt a sense of community, a sense of people who work together.


I also live locally - I raised a family here, the schools are good, the neighbourhoods are family-centred, and its a gorgeous location. We are very happy here and I'm so glad I chose the Fraser Northwest area to practice in.

Dr. Linda Curtis


I feel lucky that I ended up practicing in this community. In terms of the physicians practicing here, there is a very inspiring aspect to how they approach their work and see their role as advocates in the system. They are so focused on making things better and making real changes in how we work. On top of that, I have always found a connection with the patients I work with here, they remind me of the community I grew up in -very down to earth people, and appreciative of the care being provided to them. 

Dr. Paras Mehta

Hear from some of the doctors in our community:

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