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Division Support

The Fraser Northwest Division is here to support Family Physicians. We have an array of programs, services, and initiatives available to help support our members.

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Division programs, initiatives, & supports

MOA Database
Helping you recruit new MOAs more easily  
Recruitment Video Service
Recruit new providers to your practice
Mental Health Supports
Free MHSU supports for your patients  
Website Building
Get a free website created for your clinic
Patient Experience Tool
Receive patient feedback for improvement 
Registered Nurse in Practice
Nurses to support patient care in your clinic

Program Information & Division Services
Division programs, initiatives, & supports

Login to the Division Members Portal on our website to find a complete list of division staff contact information. We would love to connect with you and support you in whatever ways we can! 



If you have any questions about any of our Division initiatives or you are interested in getting more involved, send us a message!

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