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Clinic Spotlights

Preview some of the clinics in our community. Get a sense of how some practices operate. 


Meadowbrook Family Practice has well-established patients and staff and strives to maintain exceptional relationships with everyone. In addition, this beautiful and well-lit clinic operates very efficiently, earning them excellent reviews from patients. Continuously improving, Meadowbrook Family Practice is working to further optimize efficiency for its patients and physicians while the open environment promotes growth and development. All of the skills present complement each other and the supportive work environment fosters high levels of mentorship. Overall, this clinic promotes a balanced lifestyle with flexibility and accommodations that can meet the needs of everyone.



Burquitlam Medical Clinic has a smooth and relaxed, yet organized environment, that focuses on patient-centred care. There is no daily minimum number of patients or minimum hours required. Physicians are encouraged and have the autonomy to create a schedule that works for their lifestyle; Burquitlam Medical Clinic prides itself on the work-life balance that has become a part of the clinical culture.

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The team at Austin Family Physicians are very collaborative and friendly; they share patients, experience, knowledge, and enjoy spending time with each other. There is always the opportunity to learn something new in this supportive and energetic environment, especially since there are a variety of different skill sets and strengths that complement each other. The physicians here have high involvement in the community. Austin Family Physicians has efficient and experienced MOAs, great overhead, and is very flexible and accommodating with schedules.



There is a wide range of exposure and knowledge available at Elgin Medical Clinic due to the longitudinal care provided offering a diverse patient panel from newborns to palliative as well as the different medical interests of the team. The team has all been practicing in the clinic for a long time and can offer insight, assistance, and encouragement. They are here to help and want the incoming physicians to know that they can come to them and ask for guidance/assistance at any time. They also believe in pursuing medical interests and would aid in creating an environment for the new doctor to do the same.


Elicare: Hyams

Elicare: Hyams Medical Clinic is a newly renovated, warm, and inviting clinic. With patient care and satisfaction as their utmost priority, this clinic focuses on spending more time caring for patients rather than trying to take on as many patients per day as possible. Given this, booking is customized to each physician based on their needs and expectations. Furthermore, Elicare: Hyams Medical Clinic offers extensive clinic resources and their staff are frequently complimented on their ability to triage and manage patients. 


Royal Columbia 

Royal Columbia is a custom designed and spacious facility with more than eight exam rooms and six private workstations for the Physicians. Furthermore, this clinic has excellent heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. This team describes themselves as a family; they are very tight-knit, they work closely, and they rely on each other. In addition, they communicate well and collaborate, especially when it comes to the care of their patients.



Only having opened in the summer of 2019, Orchid Medical Clinic is brand new. This clinic is spacious and modern with a large and beautiful waiting room, seven exam rooms, a procedure room, two offices, and an open lunch room. Given this, there is an ample amount of space for all new additions. Orchid Medical Clinic also has friendly staff and there is the opportunity to hire more as needed to accommodate new physicians and other primary care providers that choose to practice in this beautiful clinic.


Care Point

Care Point Medical operates in a bright and spacious clinic that includes examination rooms and a communal office that promotes collaboration amongst the physician team. Working at Care Point Medical provides the opportunity to work with integrated physicians and offers great exposure to a variety of demographics and medical cases. The clinic offers a flexible schedule as they are willing to extend hours to accommodate their physicians. 

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Care4You Medical believes in practicing medicine “the right way” and as a team. They are passionate about providing good care. They assist and help each other on a daily basis and are used to fostering an environment of learning, as they are a UBC teaching clinic. They love being able to give back to the community and aid new doctors by providing resources, support, and assistance in any way possible.

Click here for a video tour of the clinic


Elicare: Royal City 

This clinic is well-known for being friendly, efficient, and collegial. Royal City Medical Clinic has senior MOAs and two physician directors who ensure that the clinic is well run and meets the needs of their patients and staff. The clinic has implemented customizations on the EMR and clinic computers to improve efficiency and ease of use. This clinic prides itself on the successful launch of one relocating physician and one newly graduated physician. The collegial group environment promotes peer-to-peer support for our physicians and mentorship for new to B.C. physicians. This clinic is seeking a physician to join this team of dedicated physicians and MOAs. 

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This spacious clinic is beautifully decorated and in a popular location. Offering a variety of unique services and providing care for all ages, Newport Medical Clinic offers an abundance of expertise and knowledge; a great resource for dedicated physicians.

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Interested in learning more about clinics in our region? Find a full list of FNW Member clinics here. If you are interested in applying you can view clinics currently recruiting here.

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