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The Long Term Care Initiative (LTCI) has ensured that each Fraser Northwest patient in a long term care facility has a dedicated FP Most Responsible Physician (MRP). The Fraser Northwest Long Term Care community has coordinated efforts to support FPs in optimizing care for their patients in long term care through implementing these five best practices:

1. FP participation in care conferences
2. Proactive FP visits
3. Meaningful medication reviews
4. Completed documentation
5. On-call support network (24/7 availability and on-site attendance, when required)

FPs who work within the FNW LTCI are supported with a robust on-call network to provide after-hours coverage, a strong LTC medical advisory committee for peer and clinic support, and mentorship for those new to LTC practice.

There is a capacity for 5+ physicians for multiple facilities in New Westminster, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam. At this time, there are permanent vacancies at:

1. Hawthorne - Port Coquitlam
2. Cartier - Coquitlam
3. Kiwanis Care Centre - New Westminster

The positions include weekly onsite visits, depending on pandemic recommendations. EMR is care-home specific and the one most commonly used is Point Click Care.

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